USDA Organic

The Strictest Standards

Did you know, less than 0.1% of commercially available wines in the U.S. market can be considered USDA Organic?

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We're proud to be apart of this small group of commercially produced wines that are better for the planet.

USDA Certified


The rigorous USDA certification process means that no synthetic additives or harmful preservatives are used in the cellar & environmentally friendly practices are followed in the vineyard.

Organic Yeast

100% organic strains only

Organic grapes

100% organic grapes, farmed without pesticides or synthetic chemicals.

No added preservatives or sulfites

Preservative-free, naturally occurring sulfites must be below 10ppm.

Organic Facility

Non-organic cleaners & filtration materials are not permitted.

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But what about

Wines made with organic grapes?

Wines that are organic, but not USDA certified, use grapes sourced from organic vineyards, however, the winemaking process, ingredients and facility are not organic certified.

This also means 15% of the ingredients used to make the wine can be non-organic and the wines can have added sulfites up to 100ppm.

Organic wine makes up about 1.8% of the total volume of wine sold in the United States.*

While wines made with organic grapes have some minor leniencies in the production process as compared to USDA Certified wines, these wines still use high quality ingredients and are some of the most sustainable wines available in the market.

*SOLA 2022, Opportunities in Sustainable, Organic and Alternative Wine, IWSR


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